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About us

cbd extraction services Poland

We offer professional hemp farming and CBD extraction services in Poland

Our company works in close collaboration with hemp extraction company based in Poland. We have a 100 liter Supercritical CO2 Extractor at our disposal to transform your hemp biomass into a premium full-spectrum crude oil or process other natural plants such as mint, arnica or peppers. The main focus of our work is providing high-quality CBD extraction services and creating valuable and life changing CBD oils.

  • Hemp farming
  • CBD extraction
  • CBD oil wholesale
  • White label CBD/CBG oils

We work only with European legal hemp varieties and THC content of our products are not exceeding 0.2%. All our products are tested in independent third party laboratory for cannabinoids consistency. All products are 100% natural, have no pesticides or heavy metals.

All products are 100% natural, have no pesticides or heavy metals. Contact us to book your extraction slot or buy CBD oil in bulk. Complete production of CBD/CBG oils and bottling at any scale is also something we can offer to our clients, feel free to send us your CBD/CBG oil formulations.

We are building the future and restoring the past


We offer professional CO2 Extraction services in Poland!

High-quality Supercritical CO2 Extraction services. CBD extraction, wholesale and white label services in Poland.