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Hemp extraction services in Europe

What is the best CBD extraction method?

Industrial hemp contains a significant quantity of CBD as compared to other species of cannabis. Not only this, industrial hemp also naturally contains a lower quantity of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that is the main intoxicating compound and still remaining on the list of prohibited substances. To make sure that CBD being provided into the market is legal, the manufacturers need to be sure that all products have THC less than 0.2%. CBD oil extracted from industrial hemp varieties will have a very low THC content which makes it non-psychoactive. Various extraction methods are used to produce pure CBD oil that can survive the highly competitive CBD market.

Some of the common hemp extraction methods:

Solvent extraction - is the most inexpensive extraction method, the natural solvent used in this method is a hydrocarbon such as ethanol, butane, propane, and naphtha. The end product does not contain any hydrocarbon as residue making the product safe and ready to use. The solvent is passed through the plant to extract the CBD and other cannabinoids. Even though it is a cheaper method but most people do not prefer this extraction process. It might produce an unpleasant smell or taste because of the hydrocarbons used. Solvent extraction is a delicate method to extract CBD and it has its own pros and cons. The consistency of the oil produced by this method greatly depends on the type of solvent used. Solvent extraction is quite efficient as compared to steam distillation. Natural oils such as olive oil can also be used as a solvent to make the process even safer. However, it is expected that we may have variable results in the final product. 
Steam distillation - is a safe and easy process as it uses water as a solvent which is converted into steam and passed through the hemp plant to extract the cannabinoids. The method is essentially the same as solvent extraction but considered much safer. It is important to note that if the steam is overheated it can damage the cannabinoids and render them useless. It can change the chemical properties completely and the product becomes least suitable for therapeutic use. The steam will carry the oil in the top tank which is then passed through the condenser that produces a mixture of water and oil. This mixture is subjected to distillation to produce full-spectrum CBD oil. It is much less efficient and prone to error.

Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction

The supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process is considered to be the most efficient, sophisticated, and safe hemp extraction method. It is increasingly becoming on of the common extraction process of CBD. The carbon dioxide used in this method is pressurised and heated until it is in its supercritical state which means that it exists in both the gaseous and liquid phase. Three different Chambers are used in this process to break down the hemp plant matter and extract the cannabinoids from it. CO2 acts as a solvent and produces full-spectrum CBD crude oil, which can be processed further to have pure CBD oil or broad-spectrum CBD oil. It is the most efficient method to produce safe and high-quality CBD products. It’s also environmentally friendly and produces very little emissions.


One of the most efficient and safest hemp extraction methods is CO2 extraction. It is not only safe and efficient but produces high-quality CBD oil which can be used for therapeutic purposes without the risk of any side effects. We offer professional hemp extraction services in Europe (Poland), contact us to book your extraction slot or get any additional information related to hemp farming, CBD extraction, white label CBD oils or CBD wholesale. CBD extraction services in Poland.