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hemp farm Poland

Hemp farm Poland

Being a very diverse plant, industrial hemp is not only used for obtaining CBD or cannabinoids but for a lot of other purposes such as food, medicine, clothing or production of bio-pastic and building materials to meet the basic human requirements. In the past come stigma associated with the hemp plant made us overlook its importance and benefits but now as a result of the modern industrial revolution we came to know about the importance of industrial hemp when it is grown in environmental friendly way using sustainable agriculture practices.

Safe and healthy hemp farming

Industrial hemp is the most reliable source of CBD and other highly beneficial cannabinoids. Its demand is increasing exponentially every year. However, it is imperative to produce high quality hemp that can be used for various purposes. Together with our partners we aim to be one of the greatest hemp produces in Poland. We offer high quality hemp farming services in Poland without the use of artificial fertilizers or harmful pesticides. 
Our industrial hemp is GMO free so you don’t have to worry about its safety. We also offer excellent quality hemp farming material and seeds. We also intend to spread knowledge about hemp farming, hemp extraction and use of hemp in other fields. We train our plants are trained to become the desirable crop, cut and shape the plant efficiently to make the best out of it. Unlike other producers we are focused on manual work and do not go for collective approaches and handle each plant individually.

We care for the environment

To make sure that the soil and environment is not deprived of resources and nutrients, it is continuously replenished by using biomass. All purchasing, farming and training is done by experienced farmers. Our hemp farming technology strictly follows the philosophy of sustainable agriculture. If you are looking for high-quality dried hemp, hemp fiber or flowers, we has got your back.

Traditional hemp farming and harvesting

To make sure we have the finest quality crop and undamaged seeds, we go for traditional methods of hemp harvesting. Our fully ecological method of plantation and individual drying ensure that each inch of the plant is of the best quality. We also ready to offer dried CBD and CBG hemp in bulk, hemp fiber in round bales. 
Contact us to get high-quality hemp farming services in Poland. We have everything you need under one roof: experienced farmers and the best equipment for harvesting, drying and biomass separation. 
Hemp farm Poland

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